Current: working as a teacher

SchoolCourse/class from 2011-2018
Ilse löwensteinschuleClass 5 and 10
Vocal coach at Maddspace Singapore
Creative Music School– Vocal Teacher
Freie Schauspiel Schule Hamburg
(Educational Stage school of Arts)
– Vocal Teacher/Staging
Oko Private school for gifted ChildrenClass 5-10– Music Course
– Pop Choire/ Band
– Musical
Grone educational center for grown ups-Head of education for the socio-educational assistant-
Stage CoachAltona– Drama Course
Stage CoachMitte– Pop Choire
Stage Coach (periodic Musical/Movie Workshops)
Otto Hahn SchuleClass 5-8
Class 5-6
– Pop Singing
– Theater Course
Schule am DenksteinwegClass 5
Class 8/9
Class 7-10
Class 5
– Theater Course
– Art Course
– Theater Course
– Pop Singing
On Stage– Musical Course
– Pop Singing
Schule am HolstenhofClass 5-6– Musical Course
Sonderförderschule: KielkoppelstraßeClass 5-7– Theater Course
Brecht PrivatschuleClass 7-10– Rhetoric Course
Lukulue e.V.– Musical Course
Different schools, School Winterhuderweg, Association Schlaufox e.v
Stage Coach-Musical (The Happy Cruise)
Stage Coach Musical (House of horror)
Stage Coach Musical (Fairy Tales-Mix)
Stage Coach Musical (On a Jetplane)
Stage Coach Musical (Disneys Best of)
Stage Coach Musical (Disneys Best of Modern)
Stage Coach Musical (Robin Hood)
Stage Coach „Camera Acting“
Workshops OKO PRIVATE SCHOOL for gifted Children
– Singer/Songwriter Workshop
– Musical Workshop 3x
– Voice Over Workshop 1x
– Producing Workshop 2x
On Stage Kids
Pop-Singing Workshop
Junior Acadmy for Gifted Children
Music Instructor 2015 and 2016
Participation workshops
Estill Masterclass Workshop Level 1-2 (2015)
Estill Masterclass Workshop Level 2-3
Coaching Hamburg Seminar (2015)
Manipulationstechnicken Grone Schule Hamburg (2014)
Rhetori Kurs Grone Schule (2014)

Director/Theater/Musical 2013-2016

Director and Music Director „Tonito from Space“
Director and Music Director „Tonito from Space 2“
(Producing the Music for Both)

Director of the Musical „Alice in Wonderland“
Director of the Musical „ Linie S1 Hamburg“
Director of the Musical „Grease“
Director of the Musical „ Camp Rock“

Musical Director of the Showgroup „Black Diamonds“

Vocal Teacher of the Semi-Finalist „Magdalina“ at the famous Show „The Voice Kids Germany“
Vocal Teacher of the Semi Finalist „Lorena Scotti“ at the Famous Show „The Voice Kids Germany“
(both now, work with serveral Producers of the Music Industrie)


2018Samsung/Shell CommercialAgency ADSBOX
2018Brand CommercialAgency Edit and Play PTE LTD
2017Short Movie – StrangerMediacorp
2017Gouvernement CommercialLittle red Ants
2017„Verdachtsfälle“TV Show RTL
2016„Oxana Comedy“Regie (Roman Malzan/Tania Levy)
2015Der Scarabäus 2Regie (Hans Peter Kurr)
2014Der ScarabäusRegie (Hans Peter Kurr)
2013Eine Russische GeschichteRegie (Hans Peter Kurr)


2016New Projet with Warner Music (currently over)
2015Tania LevyRecord Deal with Universal Music
2013Tania Levy BandConcert Thalia Theater at Nachtasy
2012Tania Levy BandKnust Hamburg
2012Tania Levy BandNewessbar Hamburg
2012Tania Levy BandCameo Appearance “20 Jahre Pop Projekt” Hamburg
2012Tania Levy BandOn Stage Kids Show Übel und Gefährlich Hamburg
2011Tania Levy BandKnust Hamburg
2009ZDF Fernsehgarten Mainz
2008Charity Event Kinderhospiz e.V.
in Groß-Gerau bei Frankfurt
2008YOU Messe BerlinFair Berlin
2008Christmas concertMusic Venue Bonn
2008IDKO MesseExhibition Hall Essen
2007Benefit Concert of DKMS in BonnMusic Venue Bonn
2007NDR Bühne mit der Band „Pop Projekt“City Park Hamburg
2006/05„Be smart Don‘t start“ campaignCinemaxx Hamburg
2002/07Singer of the band „Pop Projekt“ under
led by Ralf Brandhorst


2018Estill Figures of Voice Seminar
2016Workshop Estille “Figuers of Voice” Attandent
2008-2011Schauspielstudium FSH – Drama/Theater/Voice
2001-2006Stage School
2003-2011Voice EducationMichiel De Beer, Yoshimitsu Haga,
Nadja Dan Bernhardt, Karin Plog, James Wood
2008-2011Drama EduacationJürgen Lederer, Johan Heß, Wolfgang Krassnitzer,
Christoph Zapatka, David Gravenhorst
2008-2011Speech EducationRoberto Rigamonti, Anna Kumosiak

Special Qualitys

LanguageGerman, Russian, English
DialektRussia, American English, French, German
DanceHip-Hop, Modern
VoiceMusical, Pop, Rock

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