Tania Levy is a professional singer, actress, vocal and stage coach and former record artist from Universal Music.
Born in Hamburg but raised in Florida, USA, Tania made her way to the stages at an early age.
Due to her early training at Stage School, Stage Coach, Tania was discovered by an independent label, when she was 16.

One of her life goals came true by signing a record deal with Universal Germany.
With her producers and her band she worked more then 7 years in the Music Business.
They created two albums, made a tour through germany and appear on a famous TV show with her debut Single „Durch die Nacht” at ZDF Fernsehgarten.

Tania worked in different private schools in Hamburg like Stage Up, Stage Coach (Vocal/Drama/Black Diamonds)
On stage Center for Music, Dance and Theater (Vocal/Drama).
Oko Privat School (For Gifted Kids with high IQ) (Music/Band Coaching/Musical),
Grone School (Coaching Pedagogical skills such as Art, Theater, Music and Dance to Adults).
Stage school (Vocals)

Tania also Coached „THE VOICE OF GERMANY KIDS“ from 2015-2017.
Her candidates went into the finals of the show

She also give a lot of workshops in Theater, Musical, Studio Work and Singer/Songwriting.
With her former College Bianca Pastorino, she produced, composed and direct Musicals for Children, Teens and Grown ups all over in Hamburg.
Regardless from the age or the social background everyone is welcome with open arms in Tania World!
Not only writing the songs and the scrip, also making the staging, record the songs in the studio, making the video and making the final cut.

In 2015-2016 Tania had a wonderful chance to work for the Junior Academy for gifted Children, which is sponsored by the German Government and by private investors.

Tania is tought by Estill Techniques. She had a great opportunity to get better as a teacher, by joining the Estille Workshop Masterclass in Hamburg last year and continuing to always fresh up her techniques.